IMG_7563.JPGhere is my final project for this simester. i had originally created three plates to go with these three bowls but they broke in the kiln.

i had a dohnut project but i didnt like it so i broke it. but heres a picture i got off the internet

IMG_7565.JPGthis here is my teapot. it was a royal pain in the a** to make and still didnt turn out like i wanted it to.

IMG_7566.JPGthis here is my udu drum thingy. to everyones surprise it works. it surprised me tooIMG_7568.JPGthis thingy here is my skirted pot thinngy. its really heavy and i dont care for it much but i do like the glazing.

P1070645.JPGthis here is my balled water pouring thing. it big, its heavy, and its awesome. it works pretty well too.

and last but not least my final project. which i cant find. so... yeah