Unknown Killer-2011
P1070577.JPGthis here is my soldner sculpture. no real thought behind this particular sculpture. no real meaning either but it shure as hell looks cool.

untitled chopstick cup-2011
P1070576.JPGagain no real meaning or thought behind this small little project. but i do know i perposely made it so that it couldnt hold much.

crazy stacker-2011
P1070573.JPGpersonally one of my favorite peices. i made it to look a modern art sculpute that somebody vandalized. this peice was meant to show my dark side but as well as my artistic side.

Untitled 2-2011
P1070572.JPGno idea what i did for this one. no real reason for making this besides for the fact that smith told me.

once again i was told to make four bowls. they are not finished yet but i dont know what to do . i purposefully made them able to stack nice and easy.